Today, on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at conference-room of DataArt in Dnipropetrovsk, new 8th Meeting of Java User Group took place.

Sergey Morenets presented new features of Java 8 - among them scala-like lambda expressions, new streams api, collections and time classes etc.

I tried to gather keypoints of his speech are in this article.



Read more: JUG 8 Meeting. Java 8 New Features


This is great question, about which Martin Fowler wrote at the end "I think we have to admit to our ignorance" in his article "Cannot Measure Productivity".

But to make some possible countings, I think is good to try using suggestions by Nick Hodges. written in his blog (cite is below):

  • Productivity
    • Does the developer get a reasonable amount of work done in a given period of time?
    • Is the developer's velocity on bug fixing sufficient?
  • Engagement
    • Is the developer dedicated to his/her craft?
    • Is the developer committed to delivering software on time?
    • Is the developer dedicated to company success?
  • Attention to Quality
    • To what degree does the developer's code work as designed?
    • Does the developer thoroughly test code and believe it to be correct before checking it in?
    • Do a minimal number of bugs get reported against his/her code?
    • Does the developer write unit tests for all new code?
    • Does the developer follow the Boy Scout Rule and leave a module cleaner than it was before he or she worked on it?
  • Code Base Knowledge and Management
    • To what degree does the developer understand the code base assigned to him/her?
    • Does the developer take responsibility for his/her team's code base, improving it at every opportunity?
  • Adherence to coding guidelines and techniques
    • Does developer's code routinely meet coding standards?
    • Do code reviews reveal a minimum of problems and discrepancies?
    • Does the developer use Dependency Injection to ensure decoupled code?
  • Learning and Skills
    • Is the developer constantly learning and improving his/her skills?
    • Does the developer show a passion for the craft of software development?
  • Personal Responsibility
    • Does the developer first assume that the error lies within his or her code?
    • Does the developer understand that he or she is solely responsible for their code working correctly?
    • Does the developer take pride in their code, ensuring it is clean, tested, easy to read, and easy to maintain?

Great event in Google, Android and, fairly, in whole IT world, Google I/O 2014 took place at 25-26 june 2014 in San Francisco.

This greatest event was widely enlightened in widest range of sources:
Special Google I/O application is available from Google Play Market. Live updates gives us ability to watch live video streams from event, read brief info about sub-events and know who is speaking there. For visitors at place there is map and ability to track events in San Francisco or local time.
Google I/O Keynote video record is available on Youtube.
There were wide live coverage of event on news portals. Among them Live.CNET,, and, sure, Google :)

I watched live stream translation with my Caiguda colleagues from Ciklum GDG Event.

Here we can go with base things we catched between pizza and juice drinking, playing in quiz about most waited  news and gadgets of event (for which we with Kirill winned beautiful GDG t-shirts) and talking with other developers interested in greatest and wonderful Gooooogle world =)

Read more: Google I/O 2014 with Ciklum

Хули бояться быть круче? То, что под тобой - миллионы, не отменяет того, что выше тебя - сотни тысяч, а таких как ты - тысячи. Есть из кого выбирать, с кем сражаться плечом к плечу... И ты вовсе не незаменим. И стать идеальным совсем нереально. А, значит, работать еще и работать, преодолевать себя и ломать изо дня в день - и главное, просто выжить... Сохранить ритм и стремление стать лучше, сильнее, умнее, энергичнее... Достичь новых высот - это сложно, но это далеко не предел. 

                                                      (C. Mars, 2014-06-28)


The WEB is everywhere. Nowadays there is no place where internet technologies aren't used. That's why from the WEB development starts...





Desktop software, database management systems, GUI and different platfroms with their native or cross-platform IDE's for writing programs in various languages are the basement for as well as client-side desktop applications, as for server part applications that perform complex tasks for applications and webpages.







How to do project in time, agree implementation and research needs with available budget and ambitions of the top-management? How to perform product creation in proper, rational and constructive way to obtain productivity, user-friendly design and summary knowledge base for the next projects in this direction?... Thats where PROJECT MANAGEMENT comes in help.

Yes, it's really another development universe, where another rules guides the madness fight... And even more: there is no true rules, there are creative, design and plot that guides the scenario and game in whole...


















Sometimes I say, sometimes I keep calm... But anyway, it's worth it.






Something that we can touch, break, repair, use in real world
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